The image of a personal trainer yelling at the top of his lungs and pushing clients until they are near collapse might just scare some people from the idea of hiring one. Of course, this is a false image as what you see in the media isn’t always what personal trainers are like in reality.

If you have been considering fitness coaching at Ignition Fitness & Sports in Mankato, but aren’t quite convinced, there are several benefits of hiring a personal trainer.


One of the primary reasons to hire a personal trainer is because they do much more than just motivate you to exercise. Personal trainers are also trained in teaching others how to eat right and incorporate diet with exercise for maximum fitness.


You might know how to perform certain exercises, but you may not be doing them quite right. Having a personal trainer to demonstrate the right way to perform an exercise is critical to optimal fitness.

Your personal trainer will show you how to perform exercises efficiently and correctly, ensuring that you get maximum results and pose little threat of an injury.


Everybody has different abilities and need a training routine as unique as they are. You might have an old injury that flames up and so you need a special type of workout routine. You might also have the need to restore muscle and improve mobility on certain parts of your body. A personal trainer is perfect for such a situation.


How many times have you gone to bed at night promising yourself you will go to the gym and workout tomorrow, only to fail in your commitment the next day?

A personal trainer is critical in making sure that you are committed to your fitness goals. If you have an appointment with your trainer, you are very likely to show up and workout.


It can take a long time to break free from a bad habit, and just as long to form a good habit. This is difficult to do on your own, which is why it is great to have a personal trainer.

Having a personal trainer is like having a friend always looking over your shoulder encouraging you and guiding you in the right direction.


You might already have your own fitness routine, but is it a constant challenge? It is difficult to keep yourself motivated and challenge yourself with each workout. Having a personal trainer changes all of that. Your personal trainer will help you take it to the next level and will continually challenge your abilities.


You want to reach maximum fitness as soon as possible or you want to reach a certain weight goal as fast as you can. These are admirable goals, but they are not going to happen overnight.

With a personal trainer, realistic goals will be set and they will keep you on track to achieve these goals.

If you are interested in hiring a personal trainer, contact Ignition Fitness & Sports.

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