If you are considering hiring a personal trainer at Ignition Fitness & Sports in Mankato, we think it’s a really good idea. From helping you reach your fitness goals to avoiding injury by exercising safely, a personal trainer could be one of the best investments you can make in your quest for great health and fitness.

We are biased towards personal training because, well, it’s what we do. But we wouldn’t be doing this if we didn’t have a passion and love for it. We understand that our personal training services can completely change your life, we see the tremendous changes people go through in our programs and the results make us proud to be a part of that wonderful transition.

The benefits of hiring a personal trainer are tremendous and can lead to an improved quality of life. Here are a few more benefits of hiring a personal trainer.


We are willing to bet that you work harder when your boss is right there next to you. Having a personal trainer by your side provides the encouragement you need to jump start your workout routine.

A personal trainer can also help set your goals and create a plan in which to reach these goals. Your personal trainer will also help you celebrate when you reach your goals.


Let’s face it, going to the gym can be intimidating. But working with a personal trainer allows you to become confident in the way you perform exercises and use exercise machines. After just a few sessions, you will feel ready to go to the gym and tackle the weights or elliptical all on your own.

Better still, the ego boost you get from your personal trainer promotes self-confidence.


When it comes to fitness, everybody is different and they all work at their own pace. That is, everybody might have similar goals, but each individual will get there in their own unique way. A fitness class with many people is hardly a good way to go about reaching your goals. A personal trainer creates a plan to reach your goals that are specific to your needs.


You might lack commitment, self-motivation or the ability to get yourself psyched up for a workout. A personal trainer is key in getting your workout routine up and going strong. It’s easier to skip out on a workout if there is nobody there to hold you accountable. In no way will you want to let your personal trainer down.


Many people go to the gym and do the same workout every time. It can get boring after awhile and cause you to lose interest. But with a personal trainer, your workouts are changed up and adjusted so you never get bored.


Hiring a personal trainer can actually make your workouts fun, something you look forward to each week. And if your workouts are fun, you are more likely to continue to do them.

If you are interested in hiring a personal trainer, contact Ignition Fitness & Sports today.

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