Nutritional Fuel

Food is fuel—a major key to optimizing our health and wellness! That’s why I LOVE clean home-cooked meals and use whole foods from natural sources, like lean beef and fresh, organic vegetables whenever I can. Unfortunately, too many of our food sources are processed, modified and nutrient deficient. That’s why I’m a big proponent of Thorne supplements. In the section below, I share my personal supplement protocol and how you can determine the best supplements for your own health (and save 20% on all Thorne supplements).

In addition, to Thorne, I also supplement with CBD Oil from Nuleaf Naturals 100% Full Spectrum.

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Thorne Supplements
The products listed below are part of my personal daily protocol, based on my lifestyle, blood tests and health challenges (I have previous diagnosis of extensive environmental and food allergies, and arthritis, these supplements help keep in check). At the bottom of my product list, I’ve included links to test kits you can use to better determine your needs. I also recommend working with a functional medicine doctor to create a protocol specifically for you. That said, before personalizing my supplementation, I used Multi-Vitamin Elite, Super EPA and Joint Support. I’ve loved them—so I highly recommend them as a starting point for anyone.

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