The expansion of fitness into CrossFit, Pilates, Ultimate Ninja, and Body-lifting has left the average American person feeling overwhelmed. A feeling that they are so out of shape they will never be able to do those things, that put simply–they don’t. Getting started with something is by the far the hardest thing to do when it comes to starting a fitness program. After the initial decision to make a change for the better in your life, the biggest hurdle is to keep going. This is where a physical therapist can be very helpful. The knee pain that started on day two may discourage your motivation, the soreness post-workout session may be discouraging, or maybe it is the inability to complete the task itself. A physical therapist is trained to help in all of these aspects and below are 3 ways we achieve that:

1. Identifying the true source of your pain.

Our bread and butter is getting people to be pain-free and we do this by understanding what caused the pain in first place. The source of pain can be complex to find—you may be able to identify what you were doing when you first felt the pain but that doesn’t mean that action is the true cause of the pain. So, if you have knee pain on day 2 or maybe day 473, we can assess and determine a cause and help you either modify your program or help heal the tissue so that you can confidently get back into your desired activity.

2. Advice on how hard and how often you should be active.

We can also help with the dosage of activity so that you are not unbearably sore and unable to move the day after a workout. We are trained in the ability to assess and determine each individual’s current state—to advise how much and how often a person can perform at a peak level without having detrimental side effects.

3. Setting goals, one step a time.

Lastly, we can help with goal planning, and setting realistic goals so that you are not reaching for the stars on day one but rather taking the baby step forward that will eventually be the means to your end goal. This may also include giving advice on what type of activity you should be doing in order to reach your goals as not everyone needs cardio just as much as not everyone needs to be lifting the maximum weight.

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