About Us

Our Story
During the time leading up to the opening, we knew Greater Mankato was missing something. Too many cookie-cutter programs, not taking into considerations each unique background/injury history. We wanted to take a more personalized approach to fitness. Providing personalized coaching in a small group environment. 
Our Method
START WHERE YOU ARE – Wherever you begin on your fitness journey, you start with a different history, different capabilities, and different limitations from others. The most important thing is that you start from wherever you are and move forward.
DO WHAT YOU CAN – We don’t push members to do more or go further. In fact, we instead stop people when we notice a drop in their performance. “Move where you can, so you can move where you can’t” is our guiding principle.
We believe, and have demonstrated with hundreds of members, that if you just do what you can and move where you can, your sphere of capabilities will be ever increasing.
You don’t need to be able to keep up with someone twenty years younger who has different fitness goals than yours — you only need to do what you need to do to progress.


For almost a decade Ignition Fitness & Sports in North Mankato, Minnesota has served thousands of busy people to lose weight, gain energy, and feel the best they have in years.
We’re the only personal training gym in MN that helps people aged 40 plus lose weight, gain energy and add more life to their year without fad diets or workouts that beat up your body.
We know you want to be the strongest version of yourself.

Step 1

Let's Talk First.

Book a call to chat with us about what you're looking to accomplish.

Step 2

We Design Your Workout

Meet with one of our personal trainers who will help you build a fitness and nutrition program that’s right for you.

Step 3

Start Getting Results Immediately

So, you can stop gaining weight and waking up tired and instead get control of your health and experience a more active life with the people you love.