Small Group Personal Training

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No matter what your goal is, we tailor your program to fit your needs; so every exercise prescribed for you has a particular purpose. Our science-based programs are the key to target FAT LOSS, increase your ENERGY LEVELS, help you MOVE BETTER, and FEEL TOTALLY AWESOME.

Metabolic Burn

This is our signature group fitness class that’ll help you burn fat and get more energy but here’s the kicker, most group classes are NOT designed for people over 40. We’ve built this program…for you

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Athlete Performance

Do you want your athlete to decrease injuries, increase performance and give your young athlete more opportunities for success? With our youth and high school athlete training programs, young athletes get the tools they need to improve strength, endurance, speed, power, and flexibility.

What Makes Us The Leading Personal Training Facility in the Greater Mankato, MN for over 8 years…

Long Term Health Focus:

"We're in this with you for the Long Haul" Educated & Committed Training Team Sustainable Safe Workouts Lifestyle Focus

Friendly & Safe Environment:

Surgically clean facility Positive Energy Team Members No Judgement gossip free zone


"There will be nowhere to hide" 😊 Flexible Scheduling Nutritional Support Regular Progress Meetings with your coach

Completely Personalized:

"We'll know everything about you and your body" Individualized Fitness and Nutrition Plan a coach at EVERY Session Each workout designed for you

Step 1

Let's Talk First.

Book a call to chat with us about what you're looking to accomplish.

Step 2

We Design Your Workout

Meet with one of our personal trainers who will help you build a fitness and nutrition program that’s right for you.

Step 3

Start Getting Results Immediately

So, you can stop gaining weight and waking up tired and instead get control of your health and experience a more active life with the people you love.